Top 3 Resorts in Punta Cana

Excellence El Carmen:

The Excellence El Carmen is excellente!! Please keep in mind this is an ‘Adult Only’ resort property.

Room: Rooms are very modern and classy! They are very spacious with a big bed, living space, & really nice bathroom w/ a rain shower. The bathroom amenities also included a razor, toothbrush and toothpaste which I thought was really nice. I LOVE the scent of the bath products! The room includes a big jacuzzi tub. The jacuzzi looks like it is on the balcony, but it is closed inside the room with floor to ceiling glass. Don’t worry – there are privacy shades. It was PERFECT! There are 3 different bottles of liquor in your room for your convenience and a minibar fully stocked.

Restaurants: The restaurants were amazing – and no reservations required! I had the biggest lobster tail i have ever had in my life at ‘the lobster house’ and right upstairs is a beautiful beach view at the rooftop bar. Although the restaurants were great, this property does not have a ton of restaurant options to choose from,

Service: The service here is wonderful! They are so kind from the moment you arrive. It was so nice to be welcomed with cocktails and warm towels upon arrival, and the service remained excellent throughout our stay.

Entertainment & Activities: Excellence offers some evening entertainment, but nothing too extravagant. Excellence is the most relaxed resort of the 3 resorts listed here.

Resort: Overall, I think the Excellence El Carmen is a wonderful, adult only resort that offers a great product for the best value. This resort brand has a really good reputation and is a great choice for those wanting to relax and enjoy personal service. This resort is also newer than most in Punta Cana, and offers very a modern & sleek look with many natural colors and characteristics.


Hard Rock Punta Cana:

I can not rave enough about the Hard Rock Punta Cana! Oh my goodness, you could stay a week here and not be able to see everything. This resort has everything from a 13 pools, 9 restaurants, Kids Club, nightclub, Casino, special interests fitness activities, and so much more! One of my favorite features of the Hard Rock is all the memorabilia, of course! and having the music videos on while getting ready for dinner – No other resort can beat the vibes here.

Service: The service here is good. The beach and pool waiter service is good, but it is not best compared to other all-inclusive resorts listed here. The waiters work very hard to serve guests, but this resort is SO big (one of the largest resorts in the Caribbean). If you are looking for personal service throughout your stay, then this may not be the best resort option to choose.

Room: The rooms are amazing! Each designed with a a big hot tub and comfortable beds with the best pillows! I loved everything about this room, but my most favorite was the huge shower with dual shower heads! I highly recommend the Rock Royalty room or Diamond rooms – They are well worth it! If you must get a lower room category, I recommend getting at least the Caribbean Sand Suite. All these room categories are located toward the front of the resort near the beach and pool areas.

Restaurants: The restaurants are outstanding! I was a little disappointed that they require reservations for all the restaurants, but now I understand why. The resort is HUGE! What if everyone wanted to go to Italian that night.. And it literally took us 3 minutes to make reservations for 3 nights in a row. The service at the restaurants were the best I have ever experienced. EVERY restaurant was beautiful in the evening and I really enjoyed the live sax player in the Caribbean restaurant and live guitar player in the Italian restaurant. They do a really wonderful job.

Entertainment: The entertainment here is above and beyond. They have a dedicated enclosed theatre where they usually have a show every night. If you want activities & endless entertainment, the Hard Rock is by far the BEST in Punta Cana.

Extras: In addition to the all inclusive, is the limitless resort credit! With the limitless resort credit, you can spend it wherever you’d like, and you only pay a low percentage of the total amount you spend. It is a great value for those who enjoy tours/excursions and spa services.

Resort: Overall, i think the Hard Rock is one of the best resort options for families of all ages and people that just want to have a great time!



Secrets Royal Beach:

Secrets Royal Beach was amazing! One of our favorite things about this resort was the main pool. It resembles a lazy river and it was so nice to float around throughout the resort. This resort also has access to all the amenities and restaurants of its neighbor resort, NOW Larimar (Family friendly). The Secrets resort is Adult-only, but the Now Resorts are good alternatives for families and budget friendly options. It is also a great option for groups.

Service: The service is some of the best out of all resorts. Staff is very attentive, kind, & FUN!

Room: The room is nice. There is a jacuzzi tub on the outside balcony, and I LOVE their bath/spa products.

Restaurants: This resort has lots of restaurant options and you can also eat at another the restaurants over at the NOW resorts. No reservations required at any of the restaurants except for hibachi.

Resort: Overall, I think this resort is a great option for Adult-only, honeymoons, anniversaries, & weddings. It is not overwhelmingly big so it is easy to settle in and enjoy a nice stay.

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