Sandals vs Secrets

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So you’re looking to enjoy a Sandals or Secrets resort – Well I will just start by saying they are both amazing resort brands!  I really like the Sandals and Secrets brands a lot – they are my favorite!
These 2 resort brands are similar in many ways and also very different from each other. I will elaborate a little on their similarities and differences.


Both Sandals and Secrets offer adult-only relaxation with a romantic vibe. Each brand offers luxury accommodations and inclusions such as fine dining, premium drinks, daily activities, and nightly entertainment. Both resort brands are great options for those looking to enjoy an adult-only luxury experience.

Keep in mind both Sandals and Secrets have over 15 resorts within each their brand collection, so some resorts are more luxurious than others depending on your budget. Check out my post on The best Sandals resorts in the Caribbean and The best Secrets All Inclusive Resort options.


Resort Locations: This is ultimately the biggest difference between the 2 resorts brands. 

Sandals offers resorts throughout the Caribbean starting with their growth of 7 beautiful resorts in Jamaica and expanding into the southern Caribbean to some of their more luxurious resorts like Sandals Royal Barbados, Sandals Grenada, Sandals Grande St Lucian, and Sandals Grande Antigua.

Secrets, however, offers over 12 resort options in Mexico, and has expanded their brand into the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica, St Martin, and even Spain!

So it may seem that these incredibly successful resort brands are competitors because they both focus on adult-only, luxury, all inclusive vacations, but it is clear that each resort brand has taken completely different approaches with their resort locations.

My best suggestion is to start by choosing the best destination for your vacation, and then choosing the resort from there.

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